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Monday, August 17, 2009

Are Flight Attendant Courses Worth the Money?

There are so many courses for people aspiring to be Flight
Attendants. Why should you do a Cabin Crew Course? Are Cabin
Crew courses worth it?

Firstly there are hundreds of people that get Cabin Crew positions without
doing Cabin Crew courses. Your goal is to should try to maximise you
chances of success without wasting your money.

For example

There is a page of testimonies from students on a popular Cabin Crew
course website. One young lady had apparently studied really hard and
got over 90% in her exam.

She must be super prepared for her interview, right?

Her photo is on the site, it showed her hair, that looked like it hadn't been
brushed. This is their testimony page, of a "graduated" student.

I wouldn't let any of my team represent our airline like this or a client
present this picture for an on-line application.

It's a little thing, but it would cost you an interview.

The advice "Hey girl you need to be neat and tidy at the interview" is
probably more valuable than anything you would learn on a course.
Seems like if you pay hundreds of dollars this is the least you can expect.

Being prepared for the interview is ALL that REALLY matters (did I
emphasise that enough?).

What do Cabin Crew Courses teach you?

Good question. The following is on the syllabus of a particular online
course: "counting Passengers"

I'm going to actually give you this valuable skill for nothing!!...ready....

When you see 1 passenger, click the counter once. There you go - Free
lesson one!

Maybe this is representative of Cabin Crew courses in general, they need
fillers , and give you weeks of information that is simply obvious or
irrelevant to your first main hurdle which is getting a job as a Flight

Why you shouldn't do a Cabin Crew Courses

Why do a Cabin Crew Course when:

• If you get a job the Airlines will train you properly

• Some of these courses are WAY over priced

• A lot of the material is just plain filler , stuff that's obvious or
barely relevant. Just check out the syllabus before you commit.

• All you really need to do is get your head (with brushed hair)
in front of the airlines. The rest will follow.

• The airlines will teach you meal codes and Airport codes don't
worry. Want to remember anything try this :Tony Buzan Memory

Alternatives to doing a Cabin Crew Course

So what would I suggest as a replacement?

Well first look at where you're strengths and weakness. Don't know,
consider these?

Do I fit the minimum requirements for an airline

Do I require any First Aid experience? There are many free or cheap
first aid courses that will serve you well and look good on your resume.

Do I require any service industry experience? Look at getting some,
it's as close as your local restaurant!

Do I require a second language? If English isn't your first language are
you brushing up on your English skills?

Am I confident in the water? This is a must - go throw yourself in a
pool! Or maybe get a swimming instructor to help build your confidence.

Learn some basic or advanced grooming / makeup skills.

Do I require any experience with interviews? Go take a practice
interview for a non-cabin crew job.

There are plenty of free resources like my own
which will give you much of this information without the hefty price tag.

There are some very good books written about all aspects of being a
Cabin Crew. I have created a short list of recommendations

Am I prepared for a Cabin Crew Interview?

Well I think this is the most important question, so let someone appraise

Go through the interview process and let someone judge where you can
improve, simple as that.

Audrey was a Flight Attendant for 15 years for a major Airline. She is Singaporean but now resides in Dubai. Currently a journalist, Audrey runs a website specialising in Cabin Crew Jobs.